Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Petra

How do I create a new account?

Once you have the Petra wallet installed on your iOS or Android device, tap the Create New Account button.

You will first be prompted to save your secret recovery phrase. The secret recovery phrase, or seed phrase, is a twelve-word phrase that gives you access to your account in the future. Think about it like a master key for your account. It is the only backup available for your Petra wallet. If you lose your device or forget your password, you will need your twelve-word phrase to recover it.

Petra is a self-custodial wallet, so we do not have access to your private key or secret recovery phrase. If you lose your device, forget your password, or otherwise lose access to your account, we cannot help you. It’s very important to save your secret recovery phrase safely.

What’s the best way to save my secret recovery phrase?

It’s important that you save the twelve-word phrase exactly as it’s written, in the exact same order.

Here are some popular options to store your secret recovery phrase securely:

  1. Write down your secret recovery phrase on a piece of paper, and store it securely somewhere you won’t lose
  2. Store your recovery phrase elsewhere that is offline, like stamped on a piece of metal
  3. Type out your recovery phrase directly in a trusted password manager

Once you save your recovery phrase, you will be prompted to enter it to confirm you have it stored safely.

Getting your first APT

Congratulations on setting up your account! You can now get your first APT through a few options.

  1. Buy it directly from your Petra Wallet
  2. Petra supports Coinbase Pay and Moonpay. Select your provider of choice and follow the prompts to acquire APT directly in your Petra wallet.
  3. Buy it on an exchange and transfer to your Petra wallet. Tap the ‘Receive’ button to copy your address. Send APT from the exchange to this address.
  4. Ask a friend! Tap the ‘Receive’ button to copy your address. Send APT from the exchange to this address.

Staying Safe in Petra

Crypto lets you take control of your assets - meaning you no longer have to rely on a bank or other financial institution to access your account. However, with more control comes more responsibility to keep your crypto safe.

Here are some tips for staying safe:

  1. Never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone, Not even Petra! We will never ask for it.
  2. Don’t store your secret recovery phrase or private key on a smartphone, computer, or internet-connected device. If your device is hacked, the hacker would have access to your wallet.
  3. When displaying your secret recovery phrase or private key in your Petra wallet, make sure no one is looking at your device.
  4. Double check and review - when submitting and signing transactions, it’s a good idea to always double check everything - the address you are sending to, the contract you are interacting with, the website, the balance change, and any other details.
  5. Consider a hardware wallet - getting a “cold” wallet (one that isn’t connected to the internet) may offer greater protection than a software wallet like Petra. You can connect a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano to Petra to sign transactions - see Ledger’s guide here (opens in a new tab).