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Event Listening

onNetworkChange() and network()

A dApp may want to make sure a user is on the right network. In this case, you will need to check what network the wallet is using.

Default networks provided by the Petra wallet:

// default networks in the wallet enum Network { Testnet = 'Testnet', Mainnet = 'Mainnet', Devnet = 'Devnet', } // Current network let network = await; // event listener for network changing window.aptos.onNetworkChange((newNetwork) => { network = newNetwork; });


In Petra Wallet, a user may change accounts while interacting with your app. To check for these events, listen for them with: onAccountChange

// get current account let currentAccount = await window.aptos.account(); // event listener for disconnecting window.aptos.onAccountChange((newAccount) => { // If the new account has already connected to your app then the newAccount will be returned if (newAccount) { currentAccount = newAccount; } else { // Otherwise you will need to ask to connect to the new account currentAccount = window.aptos.connect(); } });


A user may choose to disconnect from your dApp. In that case, you will want to update your state.

// get current connection status let connectionStatus = await window.aptos.isConnected(); // event listener for disconnecting window.aptos.onDisconnect(() => { connectionStatus = false; });


Signing Messages


Identifying Errors


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